The Story Of The Big Fatty

FatOne Day There was a Big Fatty that always wanted to eat pizza. Today i will be telling you how he became FAT!

One Day There was a skinny man his name was SUPERMAN! He loved to eat veggies like Carrots and Broccoli and he was a superhero that always saved the world from Crime! He always saved the world. But on one mission he was on the ground and he was about to die and then………. ┬áHe Was DARED to enter a hotdog eating contest. The contest was to eat 100 hotdogs in 5 hours so he was forced to enter. He turned up to the eating contest and everyone was like SUPERMAN what are you doing! Your going to get to fat! It’s for the children. LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE THEY SCREAMED! He started eating and he WON! Everyone was like Boooooooooooooo. You are mean you FATTY! The next day he turned up for work and he got FIRED! And he lived and sad life. Until He went to Africa and got a job at the Wokinabox

The End!


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